Monday, March 2, 2009

{diy chalkboard}

i have also been obsessed with chalkboards lately thanks to design*sponge. so i decided to make my own...

i owe my brother for finding these frames for me; they are a set of 2 matching mirrors from the 70's, i think. the ornate frames are made of plastic, so i didn't feel bad painting them white. unfortunately, i didn't think to get before and after pictures in time so the frame in the before picture is still being used with the mirror, and in the after picture i painted the mirror with chalkboard paint. it was really easy and fun...amazing what a coat of paint can do!

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raster said...

You painted right on the mirror with chalkboard paint? Did it go on ok? The last one of these I made I ended up using an empty frame and putting in a thin sheet of paneling I sprayed with chalkboard paint.