Friday, October 30, 2009

{ inspiration :: coralie bickford-smith }

i have always thought that being a book cover designer would be one of the most fun realms of graphic design. it is extremely concept driven, by nature it has to be concise and communicate really well, plus it combines my two loves: reading and design.

one of the most inspiring book cover designers out there is coralie bickford-smith. she is a book cover designer at penguin {dream job!} and has been getting raves over her cloth bound books {which are now available for purchase in the good old usa}. but i am really loving these gothic horror covers she designed. all of her book covers are worth checking out, but i thought these were particularly striking, plus they are very timely for halloween!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

{ inspiration :: flora fauna collection }

i am loving these flora fauna prints from lumadessa. this collection is josh brills' take on classic field guide drawings. my dad has always had a copy birds of north america laying around the house, so this kind of art has a soft spot for me. i love the modern geometry and color scheme of these pieces.

{what timing! design*sponge just posted this article about james audubon today too. everyone's got birds on the mind...}

{ inspiration :: nautilus sink }

found this on fffound.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

{ inspiration :: jessica hische }

jessica hische is an extremely talented typographer, illustrator and designer. i spent a good hour looking through all of her great work. it has a quirky retro style with a distinct feminine perspective which is really refreshing to see. she has even worked for louise fili ltd. for the past couple years.

{ inspiration :: dustin feider }

wisconsin native, dustin feider in this month's wired magazine. he is an industrial who creates these amazing sustainable tree houses. they are my childhood fantasy come to life and when i have my own home i think i will need to build one.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

{ hang me up to dry }

just a little hand drawn typography.

{ inspiration :: richard colman }

so, booooooom! just posted about richard colman, but i had to as well because i think his work is so rad. plus, i saw his work in a small gallery in brooklyn 2 years ago and it has really resonated with me ever since. the colors, pattern and symmetry of his work reminds me of hindu art. rainbows, pattern, castles and bears...what more could you as for?

Monday, April 13, 2009

inspiration :: jan von holleben

i can't help but love these photos by jan von holleben, part of his series called dreams of flying. very whimsical yet completely real, i remember playing around like this when i was a kid.

inspiration :: more new math

all so the wisdom and the website design, you can read more here. by craig damrauer.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

{ inspiration :: marimekko }

i love the new patterns from marimekko, escpecially sanna annukka's bold collection. her illustrative style and use of color definitely reminds me of one of my favorite designer's to be fearured on booooom! - janine rewell.

also, i want to wear that dress all summer.

{ its finally spring! }

i am working on this illustration for a client right now, but it just fits this day so perfectly. it is warm and sunny here in wisconsin...the days are getting longer and everyone has a little bounce in their step, its lovely.

{ every moment }

this is a piece i created for the eisner museum of advertising's annual fundraising event. everyone was given a 12" x 12" board to do with what they wanted...i cut out letterforms on sticker paper, which i then adhered to the board and spray painted gold. the effect was kind of interesting.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

{my new website is finally up!}

well, i finally updated my website with new work and a little bit of a new look. so, if anyone is bored they should check it out and let me know what you think. hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

{nope, i haven't fallen off the face of the earth}

so, i haven't been posting lately because i am working furiously at updating my website. my old school server finally took down my files, so i should have my new website up-and-running later this week.

also, i am super excited to be an alumni presenter at the 5th annual nowHERE design conference. if anyone is in the stevens point, wi area you should check it out. it is always really fun and there are some great presenters.

in the meantime i thought i would post about some of the fun things i have been working on besides my website ::

{home brew: nikol-aye ale}

mikey and i brewed our first beer together, its an amber ale and should be delicious. we are calling it nikol-aye ale...its named after our cat, nikolai, but with a pirate-themed twist. hopefully it tastes good, we will find out next weekend!

{bottle label designs to be coming soon}